(Nagy-Britannia / Great Britain)


Egy hivatásos mediátort hív meg, aki május 17-én a közönség számára elérhetõen és ellenszolgáltatás nélkül gyakorolja hivatását. A szolgáltatásról hirdetésben értesülhetnek az érdeklõdõk.
A mediátor segít különféle viták elrendezésében, mint például:
– szakmai viták,
– személyes viták,
– családi viták,
– szomszédok közötti viták.

Conflict Management

Proposal for the ‘Moskva Ter’ exhibition: In this piece a small stall should be set up in Moscow Square, close to other market stalls and in sight of the facades of multinational businesses such as McDonalds or Burger King. At the stall, the services of a local professional ‘arbitrator’ will be made available to the public without charge. Arbitration is the process in which disputes are settled by the use of a professional mediator. Arbitrators are primarily used in commercial situations in which conventional discussion processes have broken down, but in which peace must be created. The process may be familiar to anyone who recalls the clashes between trade unions and their often-corporate employers in the days before the globalised erosion of union power.

In the context of Moscow Square, the arbitration service will be available for any two people who have a dispute – any dispute - to resolve. The service should be advertised in a local newspaper and a sign should be placed on the stall so that the public knows of the free service. The arbitrator should be situated at an office-style table, with two office-style chairs for members of the public to sit down, so that it appears as if the interior of the arbitrator’s professional office has somehow been transplanted to the Square.

About Carey Young (US/UK, born 1970. Lives and works in London)

Carey Young (UK / US) is a London-based artist whose recent work explores the increasing commodification of dissent. She works across a variety of physical and electronic media, including video, photography and text, as well as using found objects, procedures and processes from the business sphere. Young has shown her work at apexart (New York), the ICA (London), Secession (Vienna) and the Munich Kunstverein. Her work is included in the Venice Biennale 2003.

Fotó / Photo: Kerekes Zoltán