Free Media Guide on your Smart Phone

for the exhibition Westkunst-Ostkunst

Free media guide on your smartphone by Cultural Places. Available for the exhibition Westkunst-Ostkunst | a selection from the collection. For more information visit our ticket office/info desk in the museum.


Exclusive guided tours on your own smartphone!

Walk around the collection exhibition with the help of the Media Guide's audiovisual material and text introductions. You can choose the recommended route, or proceed at your own pace, and according to your interest in the exhibition.

Using the “nearby” feature, you can find out about the location of the transmitter stations, and the map in the photo gallery provides help for the recommended route.

You will receive the code for downloading the application with your ticket to the exhibition.

Duration of the Audio Guide: Approx. 50 minutes.

Please inquire at the information desk for more information.