Established in January 2009, the Archive is the youngest department of Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art. The Archive’s mission is to collect, process and make accessible for research relevant documents as well as photos, sound and film recordings with archival subjects connected with the museum’s pursuit and collection. The core collection is further enriched with several other collections, like the C3 collection or Katalin Néray’s bequest. The Archive is comprised of two main units: one is paper-based or analogue, the other is a digital collection stored on the museum’s server – which is also an attestation of ceaseless development. Digital form is required by both technical development and collection care aspects: on the one hand, there is a growing body of so-called “born-digital” content, while on the other hand, older materials are increasingly preserved through digitalisation.

Researchers are welcome to visit the Archive on weekdays, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., by appointment.

Contact: dr. Zoltán Dragon, senior museologist, +3615553485,