Loan of artworks

Loan of artworks from the Ludwig Museum’s Collection

Through the loan of artworks from its collection, the museum aims to contribute to the research, popularization and dissemination of contemporary art.

Making the artworks of the collection available for loan is important for the following reasons:

  • To extend the museum’s reach and provide broader access to the museum’s collection
  • To diversify exhibitions and community events in Hungary and abroad
  • To popularize Hungarian and international contemporary art
  • To promote the international presence of Hungarian artists
  • To maintain partnership with other museums, galleries and cultural institutions

Regarding further questions as well as the options available for borrowing artworks, please turn to the Department of Collections and Exhibitions or the Department of Conservation and Collection Care.


Krisztina Szipőcs, Deputy Director
Phone: (+36 1) 555 3463

Béla Tamás Kónya, Chief Conservator, Head of Conservation and Collection Care
Phone: (+36 1) 555 3443



  1. Loan procedure

In case of intending to borrow artworks, the representative of the borrowing party is required to send an official letter of loan request to the director of Ludwig Museum, requesting permission to loan the artwork(s) in question and justifying the request (by mail or email).

The museum director’s address is the following:

Dr. Júlia Fabényi

Ludwig Múzeum Kortárs Művészeti Múzeum

H-1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1.


The following data are required for an official loan request:

  1. purpose of loan / title of exhibition
  2. name of borrowing organization/institution
  3. name of exhibition venue
  4. representative of the institution
  5. address of borrowing organization/institution
  6. address of exhibition venue
  7. company registration number
  8. tax ID number
  9. name and contact details of contact person (name, position, email, phone)
  10. opening and closing date of exhibition
  11. start and end date of loan
  12. curator of exhibition
  13. Standard Facilities Report
  14. brief explanation of loan intent
  15. specification of selected artworks
  16. cover letter of loan request

Any change or observation throughout the loan procedure should be negotiated with Ludwig Museum in advance.


  1. Assessment and approval

It is advisable to give notice of the intent of loan as early as possible, but the official loan request should be submitted at least six months prior to the planned date of loan.

Artworks can only leave the building of Ludwig Museum with a contract signed by both parties, a valid insurance, and in case of loan to another country, an export licence and other licences from official authorities.


  1. Costs

Ludwig Museum aims to inform the borrower of the expenses involved. Domestically, the loan of artworks between museums and galleries is free of charge; however, the borrower should reckon with the following incidental expenses:

  1. transport
  2. insurance
  3. shipping/storage cases, packaging materials
  4. courier

further expenses:

  1. preparation, conservation of artworks
  2. framing
  3. procuring materials for the protection of artworks
  4. if needed, making pedestal, mount and protective glass case
  5. copyright fees for reproduction


  1. Security (Facilities Report)

In order for the loan process to start, a General Facilities Report of the exhibition venue, the building and its security conditions must be forwarded by mail or email to Ludwig Museum. The loan procedure will commence only if the exhibition venue’s building safety and fire safety conditions are impeccable.

In case the security systems and artwork protection capabilities of the borrowing institution are inadequate, the staff of Ludwig Museum may propose means of improving the conditions or initiate the termination of the loan procedure.

The borrowing exhibition venue must provide a 24-hour security service.


  1. Insurance

Borrower must insure the artworks “nail to nail”, for the entire duration of the loan, naming Ludwig Museum as the loaner and listing the borrowed artworks with their insured value based on prior agreement. All costs of the insurance of the artworks are covered by the borrower. Documents proving a valid insurance covering the artworks must be submitted to the museum prior to the exhibition, but not later than 7 days prior to the transportation of the artworks.

(In case the borrower is a public collection, the Museum may forgo the request of an insurance cover in case the exhibition venue’s Facilities Report guarantees adequate security and safety conditions. In this case the borrower institution is liable for any and all damages sustained by the borrowed object.)

Determining the insured value of artworks

The insured value of loaned artworks is determined by Ludwig Museum. Ludwig Museum reserves the right to subsequently re-estimate and increase the insured value of an artwork in case of an increase in the market value of that artwork.


  1. Cancellation of loan

Ludwig Museum reserves the right to reject a loan request, if:

  • the faculties and building security systems of the exhibition venue are inadequate,
  • the concept of the planned exhibition is out of line with Ludwig Museum’s mission,
  • the artwork cannot be transported or is in unfit condition,
  • the request for a specific artwork conflicts with an already ongoing loan procedure.


  1. Packing

In each case the museum determines the conditions of packing the artworks and the materials required.


Artworks will be fitted with a transit frame, a climatized crate or cardboard box, cornered and bubble wrapped, in archival packaging. The museum can offer to prepare and pack the artworks at the borrower’s expense.

The borrower is responsible for the packaging material and must provide adequate storage compliant with artwork protection requirements.


  1. Condition assessment

Before transport, Ludwig Museum carries out the condition assessment of the artwork(s). Ludwig Museum must be informed without delay of any change, damage, destruction or loss regarding the artworks or their material. Ludwig Museum has the right to recall a damaged artwork from the borrower at once. 


  1. Transport

The transport company’s data have to be disclosed to Ludwig Museum at least 30 days prior to the date of transportation. All details of the transportation must be approved by Ludwig Museum, and in case the borrower proposes a company previously unknown to Ludwig Museum, the museum is entitled to request references from the transporter.


Ludwig Museum reserves the right to veto any companies that do not comply with the museum’s conditions for the transportation of artworks. All expenses of the transportation of artworks are to be covered by the borrower.

The borrowed artworks must not be unpacked during transportation. In case an artwork needs to be unpacked, Ludwig Museum has to be notified immediately.


  1. Returning artworks on loan

The borrower has to contact Ludwig Museum at least 20 days prior to the date of returning the artworks. The artworks have to be repacked in their original case, or in case of special packaging, in their original packaging material. Condition reports must always be returned with the artwork. Unless Ludwig Museum specifies otherwise, the return shipment must be done using the same packaging material, method and transport company as for the outward journey. Any changes and observations must me agreed in advance between Ludwig Museum and the borrower.


  1. Couriers

Ludwig Museum reserves the right to have its official representative (courier) present at the packing, transportation and installation of the artwork at the borrower’s venue. In case the required conditions of security and conservation are not met, the courier accompanying the artwork has the authority to terminate the installation of the artwork and initiate the termination of the contract. All travel expenses and associated costs incurred by the courier, such as accommodation, travel, local transport and daily fee, must be covered by the borrowing institution.


  1. Conditions of artwork conservation

The storage, transport and exhibition of artworks require constant environmental conditions. The required conditions are in all cases defined by the conservators of Ludwig Museum. In case no specifications for environmental conditions are available, the required values are 18-23°C temperature and 45-55% humidity, with lighting not stronger than 250 lux. The artworks must not be exposed to UV radiation under any circumstances.