Museum Education

Besides providing museum education services, the Museum Education Department at Ludwig Museum also takes on the role of a methodology centre. While museum education programmes target young people, pupils and the wider public, methodology centre programmes are intended for professionals.

On these trainings and info programmes we share and hand over a wide range of experiences that have been accumulated during the past 2.5 decades. We would like to address every colleague working in museum-related fields, including museologists, curators, communication and marketing experts, and museum educators. School teachers also form an extremely important segment of our target audience, therefore we are awaiting them with workshops and various trainings. To our understanding, it is the only way to establish a genuine and lasting connection as well as cooperation with pupils, who also constitute a highly important group of our visitors.

At the centre point of our museum educational activity stands the realisation of activities, guided tours, competitions as well as various other programmes related to the museum’s exhibitions and collection, and to contemporary art. We invite groups not only from public education institutions but from any other background or organisations as well. We aim at supporting art pedagogy realised within informal frames. The reception of artworks is adjusted to the age specification and/or special needs of the children and young people.

In the light of this, in our art education programmes intended for the youngest an emphatic role is given to playful and tactile elements, while in case of pre-pubescent pupils such tasks come to the foreground which build upon sensual experiences and give challenge. For age group 11-14 more and more abstract content and knowledge are being activated and it is this age group where we urge a co-operative performance of creative activity and task solutions. As to high-school students, emphasis is given to the strengthening of critical approach, therefore we induce conversation and debates built on argumentation.

According to practice of the past years, most of our programmes available in Hungarian are also available in English, German and French.

Beside activities you can order a guided tour in all the above mentioned foreign languages. Guided tours are primarily recommended for high school groups.