To Editors, Journalists and Picture Editors

For press colleagues we would like provide quick and easy access to high quality pictures intended for publication. Press images are accessible online and can be downloaded under two conditions: you have to register and accept the Terms of Use. After completing the registration form and having your application activated, you can access and download press images with your password at any time.

Non-registered use of photographs, or the use of press photos without permission or under different conditions than the ones defined in the Terms of Use, qualifies as unauthorized use of photos (reproductions) and will eventuate legal consequences circumscribed under Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright law.


Press Office contacts

Zsuzsanna Fehér
Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: +36 1 555 3466

Gabriella Rothman
PR and Press relations
Phone: +36 1 555 3480