Ciprian Mureşan - Your survival is guaranteed by treaty

16. January, 2015 – 22. March
16. January, 2015 – 22. March

Ciprian Mureșan belongs to the generation of the post-Communist regime and is, in a post-conceptual manner, preoccupied with the historical and political fallout for his country, Romania. Mureșan appropriates historical, social and cultural references (essentially artistic, literary and cinematographic), which he re-contextualizes. He analyses the mechanisms of cultural diffusion; the ambivalent, if not contrary relationships between memories of recent history and those of actual experience, in addition to the relationships between political power, religious power, and civil society. His works allude to iconic works from the history of modernity, while addressing questions ranging from the jolts of contemporary society and the fall of utopias to the impact of new technologies on our visual culture, by way of the fetishization of cartoons and the relationship of civil society to different forms of power. He deals with history, religion and art using simple gestures and methods from popular culture with the same quasi-expiatory manner, while restoring the importance of personal experience and expression.
(Florence Derieux FRAC Champagne-Ardenne)

Curator: Krisztina Szipőcs